Cullen Scrap Trax 650

The arrival of a new Lefort Trax 650 at the yard of Culling Scrap Metals

Yet another patented Lefort TRAX shear baler arrives in the UK. Culling Scrap Metals of Norwich have taken delivery of their first brand new Lefort shear. The TRAX 650 arrived at site, was driven off the transport and after driving into the yard was ready to work. This machine shows a significant investment by Culling’s at their yard just off the A11, it will gain them large benefits in transport savings and provide them with opportunities to upgrade some of their products by shearing to a smaller size for their customers.

The owner was thrilled to see his new Lefort arrive and was eager to set the machine to work. This yard is popular for its various scrap products and the ability to move the TRAX machine to each different product, will also enhance the efficiency of the yard.

Tech Specs
Cutting force 650T, hold down force 120T, lid force 240T each lid, pusher force 180T, 6 metre box, Perkins 280 HP engine and on TRAX for ease of mobility.


Lefort UK Limited is the UK arm of the Lefort company a family run business based in Belgium. Lefort have been manufacturing metal recycling equipment since 1947.

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