DaltonMetals Mobile 1000

Dalton Metal Recycling received a New Lefort Mobile 1000 shear baler 

Dalton Metal Recycling received a New Lefort Mobile 1000 shear baler at their Shettleston Road site In Glasgow. The arrival of this sleek kit of machinery, forms the first part of purchased technology by Dalton Group Ltd in their aims towards achieving excellent output figures on all types of materials in Southern Scotland. Making an early impression the Glasgow’s yard manager commented that production figures were already up in comparison to previous years, just a few weeks into its working life.

Complimenting the other Lefort shears currently working within Dalton Group, the Mobile 1000 will drastically increase production at their Shettleston Road site and allow flexibility to relocate to other sites if necessary. The other Lefort machines, currently a 600T, and 800T, will also be joined by one of Lefort’s larger range of shears, the Koloss in the near future fitted with an electric powerpack configuration.

We thank Dalton Metal Recycling for their continued support of the Lefort products and Lefort wish them well with their new Lefort Mobile 1000.

Tech Spec
On 6 axles, 550HP Scania engine, 350T lid force each lid, full automatic greasing 1000T cutting force
7 metre box 


Lefort UK Limited is the UK arm of the Lefort company a family run business based in Belgium. Lefort have been manufacturing metal recycling equipment since 1947.

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